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                            "Delta Blues Americana"

       I had been talking with a longtime fan and supporter of mine and the conversation turned to my music and playing and he said, "You know what you play........DELTA BLUES AMERICANA...

thats what you play."

                 And I think that pretty much sums it up


                    I am currently working on my new CD   

                                "Mississippi Bones"


                          A Blend Of stripped Down                                                  Delta, Blues, and Americana 

                    featuring my Mississippi Stomp Box, 

               a lot of Resonator and guest appearances

                    from some of my favorite musicians.

                   Check back for more info and updates.                                           

                                          In the meantime

                                  catch me at my 

                             Home away from home

                                  speal's Tavern

                        tell dan and dar bobby sent ya!


      "It was always one man with his guitar versus the world. He was completely alone and had no options other than to just sing and play to ease his pain. And that echoed what I felt. So...more and more and more and more... I wanted to be like that."                                                        

                                  ERIC CLAPTON

     "You can't counterfeit that feeling that comes out of a man who's soul's been drug through some very, very hard times."                                        MUDDY WATERS

                 "Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you.

        I could play the blues and then not be blue anymore."                                            BB King 

                            "Nobody leaves this place                                                     without singing the blues"                                                        Albert Collins

                      Cover Photo taken at last year's

                         Pittsburgh Blues Challenge


                                  Tom Martin.

                                Thank you Tom!

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